Entering User Names and Passwords on Responders

Renaissance Responders and NEO 2 will no longer be supported after future software updates.

For a list of user names, passwords, and PINs, on the Home page, click Users, then View Students. Search for students; then, view the Passwords tab in the results.

Use phone texting techniques to enter user names and passwords. The letters printed above the keys help you see which key to press for each letter.

The first letter entered (or the first letter after "." or "?" or "!") is capitalized by default, with the lowercase letters following (i.e. 2ABCabc). After that, letters default to the lowercase letters, followed by uppercase letters (i.e. 2abcABC).

For example, to enter the word "The," press the 8 button twice for "T," the 4 button three times to get "h," and the 3 button three times to get "e."

To enter a space or go to the next character, press Select. To delete the previous character, press Clear. After entering an answer, press Enter.

Here is a table that shows what buttons to press to get each character:

Responder Key Characters (in Order) or Function
1 1 , % < > ( ) ? ! " ' : ; $ £ ? & @ # _
2 2 A B C a b c
3 3 D E F d e f
4 4 G H I g h i
5 5 J K L j k l
6 6 M N O m n o
7 7 P Q R S p q r s
8 8 T U V t u v
9 9 W X Y Z w x y z
0 0
+/- + / - * =
. .
Select space or next character
Clear back or delete
Enter takes you to next question