Before Students Practice or Test on a Renaissance Responder

Renaissance Responders and NEO 2 will no longer be supported after future software updates.

Questions to Answer

Before deciding what you need to use MathFacts in a Flash on Renaissance Responder, you will need to answer the following questions. The software and hardware pieces you will need to install and/or update will vary, according to your answers.

  1. What do I want my students to do?
    • Practice without tracking their work in MathFacts in a Flash Renaissance Place.
      Students may practice on Renaissance Responder RES-1001, where all practice is offline and not tracked. On model RESP, if students have both Online and Offline options, they can select the Offline version. (If only one option is available, it is offline practice.) Results from offline practice are only available in Renaissance Place if you send the history of the practice to Renaissance Place, and then only in certain reports. Students cannot master levels, but they can practice them and complete practice tests.

    • Practice and track their work in MathFacts in a Flash Renaissance Place.
      You will need to connect a Renaissance Receiver to Renaissance Place so that students can connect to MathFacts in a Flash RP as they work to master levels. You will also need model RESP Responders, and students will need to select the Renaissance Place version of MathFacts in a Flash on the Responder.

    • Both practice and master levels
      You will need model RESP Responders with firmware version 4.03 or higher. You will also need to connect a Renaissance Receiver to your computer. On the Renaissance Responder, students can select the Offline version of MathFacts in a Flash to simply practice levels and complete practice tests without mastering levels. They must select the Renaissance Place version of MathFacts in a Flash when they want to work to master levels.

  2. Which Renaissance Responder will my students be using?
  3. There are two models of Renaissance Responders.

    RES-1001 Responder models can only run version 1.x-2.x firmware. Students can use it to practice MathFacts in a Flash levels without being able to master them (offline practice) if you have version 2.xx firmware selected.

    RESP Responder models with version 4.01 firmware also can only be used to practice levels without mastering them. With version 4.03 and higher firmware, students can choose between the Offline practice described above and Renaissance Place work, in which they can master levels.

    To identify the models, look at the model number on the back of the Renaissance Responder.

    For more information, see Responder Models, Firmware Versions, and Updates.

  4. Is a Renaissance Receiver installed in my classroom?
  5. How to connect a Renaissance Receiver to your computer

Tasks to Complete

Note: When the Renaissance Responder is used with MathFacts in a Flash Offline, many of the items listed below only apply if you want to send the history to Renaissance Place.

Before students use Responders, make sure you have done the following.