Replacing Responder Batteries

Renaissance Responders and NEO 2 will no longer be supported after future software updates.

Press and hold On/Off at the bottom of the Responder until it is on.

High-quality AA alkaline batteries should last an entire school year. When the batteries need replacing, you'll see an empty battery icon on the Responder screen with the message Batteries are Very Low.

Checking the Battery Charge

  1. On the Responder, press On/Off to turn it on.
  2. If the Responder is owned, enter the owner's PIN.
  3. Press the down arrow key to scroll down to Settings.
  4. Press Select.
  5. With About highlighted, press Select. The battery charge status is shown by the darkness of the symbol. If it is completely dark, the batteries are fully charged. If not, the symbol will be 2/3 dark, 1/3 dark, or empty as the batteries discharge.

Replacing Batteries

  1. Make sure the Responder is turned OFF. Using a small (#10) Phillips-head screwdriver, remove the small screw in the battery compartment cover. Remove the cover.

  3. Remove the old batteries. Install two new AA ones, making sure the + and - ends are oriented as marked in the compartment.
  4. Put the cover back on the compartment. Insert and tighten the screw.