TOPS Reports

TOPS Reports can be printed from the Assignment Book; they cannot be printed from the Reports page.

A TOPS Report provides immediate feedback to the student, quiz monitor, and teacher about the student's work in MathFacts in a Flash.

The TOPS Report provides a means of student/teacher interaction and can be shared with parents or others to help students celebrate their successes.

What the TOPS Report includes

  • the student's actual time for the practice or test
  • a congratulations message if a student achieves a new best time for completing a test
  • the number of problems answered correctly (accuracy)
  • the targets for time and accuracy
  • the correct answer to any problem the student got wrong

How students see the TOPS Report

Computer or Tablet

To see a TOPS Report of their work, students select the TOPS button.

Note: TOPS reports do not automatically print when a practice or test is completed on a computer or tablet using MathFacts in a Flash RP; students must select the Print button.

NEO 2 or Responder, Online Practice or Test

TOPS Reports can be set up to print automatically after a student finishes an online practice or test on a NEO 2 or Responder. See the TOPS Report preference for details.

Offline Work (NEO 2, Responder, Renaissance Home Connect)

TOPS Reports do not print after offline work done using NEO 2 or a Renaissance Responder

How teachers print a TOPS Report

  1. On the Home page, select MathFacts in a Flash, then Assignment Book as shown below.

  2. If necessary, use the School and Class drop-down lists to choose the school and class.
  3. Check the box by each student you want to include.
  4. To include all of the students on the page, check the Student box in the column heading.

  5. On the left side of the page, under Reports, select TOPS. The report generates and displays in your PDF Reader, either in your browser or in another window.
  6. Review the report and decide what you want to do.
  7. To go back to your Assignment Book, select Return to Assignment Book in the navigation bar.