Printing Reports from the Assignment Book

Who can do this with standard capabilities?

District Administrators, School Administrators, Teachers

To print reports from the Assignment Book, follow these steps:

  1. On the Home page, select MathFacts in a Flash, then Assignment Book as shown below.

  2. To select the desired school and class, use the School and Class drop-down lists if necessary.
  3. If you want to generate Student Progress or TOPS Report, select the students:
    • To select individual students, check the box for each student you want to include.
    • To select all students in the class, check the Student box in the column heading.

  4. On the left side of the Assignment Book page, you can select Class Progress, Student Progress, or TOPS. (More Reports takes you to the Reports page.)
  5. The report generates and opens in either a browser window or in a separate window.
  6. To print or save the report (if it opens in a browser window) use the options in your PDF reader.

    To modify the report, select Customize this Report.

    To select a different report, select Select a Different Report.

    To go back to your Assignment Book, select Assignment Book (in the navigation bar).