Educator Certification Report

This report shows progress towards Educator Certification.

For each student, the report includes:

  • the current level
  • the benchmark level
  • the best time at the benchmark level
  • those whose benchmark level time is less than or equal to 100 and 60 seconds

For class summaries, the report includes:

  • the number of students
  • the percentage of students whose best time is less than or equal to 100 seconds on the benchmark level
  • the percentage of students whose best time is less than or equal to 60 seconds on the benchmark level

The reporting period is always the first day of the school year to the date the report is printed. A checkmark indicates whether a student has mastered the benchmark level with a best time equal to or less than 100 seconds or 60 seconds.

When you generate this report, you can customize these options:

  • the classes to include
  • the certification type (classroom or school)
  • whether to group students by class, grade, or teacher (or not to group)
  • whether to insert a page break after each group (if you are grouping students)

Select Classes

Choose the classes to include. The classes that are available are based on your position; you may be able to include one (or all) of your classes or one (or all) of the classes at your school. By default, all of your MathFacts in a Flash classes will be in the report.

To select an individual class, select the drop-down list and choose one of the classes in the list.

To select more than one class, select Classes. Then, check the box next to each class that you want to include. To select all of the classes in a column, check the Class box at the top of the column. When you're done, select Save Selection.

Certification Type

Administrators use this to determine which report will be generated: Classroom or School (School is the default).

Group By

Note: Report information is grouped before it is sorted if a grouping option is selected. Using the options, you can choose to group by class, grade, or teacher, or you can choose Do Not Group.

Page Break

If you chose to group the information in the report, check the box to place a page break after each group. Note: This option is not available if Do Not Group is selected for Group By.

After Selecting the Options

To generate the report, select View Report.

To choose a different report, select Cancel.