Renaissance Wireless Server Utility

Renaissance Responders and NEO 2 will no longer be supported after future software updates.

Note: The Renaissance Wireless Server Utility must be installed on computers that have a Renaissance Receiver connected if you want students to use NEO 2s or Renaissance Responders for online practice.

The Renaissance Wireless Server Utility allows communication between the hardware devices (Renaissance Receivers, NEO 2s and Responders) and the Renaissance Place software. In the utility, you set a name for the Renaissance Receiver connection (network), and you set the Renaissance Place URL.

The Renaissance Wireless Server Utility is automatically installed as part of the installation of any of these four programs:

  • NEO Manager: You can download this from

    This program is also used to set up and manage NEO 2s. For more information about NEO Manager, refer to the NEO 2 Quick Guide.
  • 2Know! Toolbar: Download this from The 2Know! Toolbar allows teachers to ask students different question types that can be answered with Renaissance Responders or NEO 2s.
  • Renaissance Responder Program: Download this from the Downloads page in your Renaissance Place software. The Renaissance Responder program is used with Accelerated Math Live to allow students to complete Accelerated Math assignments using Renaissance Responders or NEO 2s.
  • AccelTest: AccelTest software is desktop software that was previously used to create and manage assignments for students.

Which of these four programs you use to install the Renaissance Wireless Server Utility depends on the other software you are using (Accelerated Math Live or the 2Know! Classroom Response System) and your hardware devices (NEO 2 or Responder).