Printing the NEO 2 History (Offline SmartApplet)

Renaissance Responders and NEO 2 will no longer be supported after future software updates.

To print the history of their practices and practice tests in the MathFacts in a Flash (offline) SmartApplet:

  1. Turn on the NEO 2 by pressing on/off.
  2. Press the applets key.
  3. Press the up or down arrow key to highlight MathFacts in a Flash (offline); then, press enter.
  4. Press the up or down arrow key to highlight History. Press enter.
  5. Press the up or down arrow key to highlight Print. Press enter.
  6. The first time you print the history (or send it to Renaissance Place), your NEO will search for the Renaissance Receivers (networks) that are within range. Then, you see a list of the networks. Use the arrow keys to highlight the one you want to connect to; then, press enter.
  7. If you have connected to a Renaissance Receiver before, you will be asked whether you want to stay connected to the Receiver you chose. To continue with this Receiver, press Y for yes and press enter. If you need to choose a different Receiver, press N for no, then enter.

    Teachers can rename a receiver.

  8. Next, enter your name or ID. (This information will be printed on the history.) Then, press enter.

  10. After your history has been sent to the computer's default printer, you will be asked if you want to clear the history - that is, erase the history of the practice you've done so far in this SmartApplet.
  11. If you want to clear (erase) the history, press Y for yes. Then, press enter.

    If you do not want to clear the history, press N for no. Then, press enter.