Levels in MathFacts in a Flash

MathFacts in a Flash levels are ordered by strand according to increasing difficulty.

Before your students begin working in the program for the first time, you must determine the starting level that you want to use for each student. Once the level is determined, you will set a level for each student.

When students are enrolled in a MathFacts in a Flash class, the program automatically sets the first level in the Assignment Book as Ready to Work () for the students. However, you can set a new level for students at any time; students do not have to master lower levels first.

After you set a level, the program automatically tracks the progress of the student in the Assignment Book. When a student masters a level, the program automatically marks the student's next open level as Ready to Work ().

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Benchmarks are levels that each grade needs to master by a target date. District or School Administrators choose the target date and levels.

Note that in Renaissance Home Connect, students can practice or test on any level, regardless of their assigned level in class. (Students use Renaissance Home Connect to practice; they cannot use it to master levels.)