Levels That Use Only Horizontal

For the levels listed below, problems always use the horizontal format, even if the Problem Format preference is set to Vertical or Combination for the class or student. This is because horizontal is the accepted method for presenting fraction problems. The horizontal problem format is also more suited to the physical size of the screens for both NEO 2s and Responders.

For the following levels, problems always use the horizontal format (even if Vertical or Combination is selected).

Default Level Number Description
53 Squares to 15, 20
54 Squares Review
55 Review: +, -, ×, /, squares
56 Fractions to Decimals
57 Decimals to Fractions
58 Percentages to Decimals
59 Decimals to Percentages
60 Fractions to Percentages
61 Conversion Review
62 Review: +, -, ×, /, fractions, decimals, conversions
63 Compare Fractions
64 Order Fractions
65 Add Fractions
66 Subtract Fractions
67 Identify Equivalent Fractions
68 Simplify Fractions
69 Fraction Review
70 Compare Decimals
71 Order Decimals