How Students Work in Renaissance Home Connect

Renaissance Home Connect is a way for teachers, students, parents and guardians to actively monitor student progress from home. For more information, see What Is Renaissance Home Connect.

Students use Renaissance Home Connect for offline practice (practice problems and practice tests), so their work does not count as school MathFacts in a Flash work. Students cannot master levels in Renaissance Home Connect.

Students can use Renaissance Home Connect on a computer or tablet, and they can choose to work in English or Spanish.

Before Students Work in Renaissance Home Connect

Before students work in Renaissance Home Connect, check the following:

  • Make sure students know the Renaissance Home Connect web address. The address is included in the Renaissance Home Connect Informational Letter, which teachers and administrators can print and send home. The Informational Letter is found on the Home page when you select Renaissance Home Connect.
  • Make sure students know their user name and password.
  • When students work in Renaissance Home Connect, they are practicing their math facts in preparation for their work at school. Students' work in Renaissance Home Connect will not count towards mastery of a level and will not be shown in the Assignment Book. Work in Renaissance Home Connect can be shown in the Class Progress Report and the Student Record Report if you include the practice summary.

Log in to Renaissance Home Connect

  1. In a browser, go to the address provided by the teacher or school.
  2. Enter the user name and password and select Log In (or Entrar if you are working in Spanish).
  3. Select the math (matemáticas) tab in Renaissance Home Connect if necessary.
  4. On the math tab, select the MathFacts in a Flash tab if necessary.
  5. If you are in more than one school or more than one class, select the drop-down lists and choose the school and class that you want to see your progress for.
  6. Renaissance Home Connect is available in English and Spanish. Choose the language before you begin practicing. Select Español to switch from English to Spanish (as shown below); select English to switch from Spanish to English.

View Your Progress

School Results

On the MathFacts in a Flash tab, the results of the student's last session at school are shown first, including overall progress (last level mastered and the benchmark level and target date) and information about the last test at school (the level, test score, time, goal, and incorrect problems).

To see a list of the levels mastered at school, select View All (or Ver todo) on the right side of the page.

Home Results

Select Home Results (Resultados en casa) under the tab to see information about the last practice and/or practice test that the student completed in Renaissance Home Connect.

Working in Renaissance Home Connect

Note: Renaissance Home Connect is available in English and Spanish. Students choose the language at the top of the page before they begin practicing.

  1. Select Start Practicing (or Comenzar practica) on the right side of the MathFacts in a Flash tab.
  2. If the Start MathFacts page opens, select Start (Inicio).
  3. Select the level that you want to work on.
  4. You can select any level, not just the one you are working on at school. You may need to scroll to find the exact level. An asterisk (*) shows you which level you are working on at school.

    The list of levels includes information about your Renaissance Home Connect work at each level, including the date, practice or test, the number correct, and the time. You'll also see your best time at school for each level.

  5. Select Practice (Práctica) or Practice Test (Prueba de práctica) under the list of levels. You can select either activity at any time.
  6. Answer each question in the practice or practice test. On computers, you can use the mouse or arrow keys to answer multiple-choice questions (or shortcut keys defined in the Question Type preference). For free-response questions, enter the answer.
  7. In practices, if you choose a wrong answer, the program puts an X over that answer and circles the correct one. Then, the problem is shown again so you can choose the correct answer.

    In practice tests, students can change the answer to the previous problem. Students select Back (Regresar) and choose a different answer. (Students can only go back one problem.)

    There are time limits for problems and tests in Renaissance Home Connect just as at school. If students do not select an answer before time runs out for a problem, the unanswered problem is considered wrong.

    To stop working during a practice or test, press Ctrl+A (Windows computer ), control+A (Macintosh computer ), or tap x (close the window on a tablet). The program asks if the student wants to stop working. Students select OK to confirm. Stopped practices and tests cannot be resumed. For Renaissance Home Connect, stopped practices and tests are not shown in any reports.

  8. When you answer the last problem on the practice or practice test, the program shows the results, including accuracy and the correct answers to problems you got wrong. (For tests, you will also see your time and the goal.) Note: TOPS Reports do not print for Renaissance Home Connect sessions.
  9. To go back to the list of levels, select Show Levels (Mostrar niveles). To stop practicing, select Exit (Salir). If the you go back to the list of levels, the results from the session will be displayed next to the level in the list.

Log out of Renaissance Home Connect

Select Log Out (Salir) in the upper-right corner of the page.