Capabilities and MathFacts in a Flash

Capabilities give users the right to perform specific tasks in the software. Capabilities are sometimes known as rights, access, and/or privileges.

MathFacts in a Flash uses capabilities to determine what users can do.

On the Home page, you can find the capabilities by selecting Product Administration, then Define User Capabilities.

Capabilities have been assigned to groups of users based on their positions and the tasks that personnel in these positions usually perform. Capabilities can apply to multiple products or a single product. (MathFacts in a Flash does not have any unique capabilities.)

The information provided below refers to default capabilities; your administrator may have customized (changed) the capabilities assigned to you.

If you find that you want to change the capabilities that your district or school users have, district administrators and school administrators can change:

District administrators can change the capabilities for new and existing users in the district or school user groups. School administrators can change the capabilities for new and existing users in the school user groups at their school.

User Groups

When you change default capabilities or capabilities for groups of existing users, capabilities are assigned based on these groups of users:

  • District administrators
  • District staff
  • Students
  • School administrators
  • School staff
  • Teachers

For More Information

Refer to the these topics in the Renaissance Place Help.

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