Best Times

Once students master a level, they can re-test at that level to try to improve their completion times (best times).

When a student masters a level, the time and date for that test automatically becomes the personal best time and date for that level. This date and time will always be the Mastery Time and date. However, the Best Time date and time may change as the student retests and achieves a new personal best time.

When students achieve new personal best times for completing a test, a congratulations message will be included on their TOPS Report. The Parent Report and the Student Record Report also include the student's best time for a level and the date when it was achieved.

Best times are different from Time Goals, which are goals that get progressively shorter to encourage students to get better times.

Students can challenge best times if they are working in:

  • MathFacts in a Flash RP
  • the NEO 2 MathFacts in a Flash RP SmartApplet
  • the Renaissance Responder doing online work

Students cannot challenge best times if they are working in:

  • NEO 2 using the MathFacts in a Flash offline SmartApplet
  • Renaissance Home Connect
  • a Renaissance Responder doing offline work

Note: Renaissance Responders and NEO 2 will no longer be supported after future software updates.

To challenge a best time, a student follows these steps:

  1. The student chooses to work at a previously mastered level.
  2. The student selects a level to work on. Then, the student selects Challenge at the bottom of the screen (or Reto if working in Spanish). The student then takes the test again and attempts to get 100% accuracy while achieving a new best time.