New Reports Navigator

The New Reports Navigator shows you new reports for Accelerated Reader/Accelerated Reader 360.

The New Reports Navigator, with tiles for two reports: Quiz Takers and Reading Trends.

Select one of the thumbnails to open the associated report:

Quiz Takers shows data for students who have taken Accelerated Reader quizzes. The data can be as broad as an entire school or focused down to a single student.

Reading Trends gives you an overview of which Accelerated Reader books students are "connecting" with the most, based on students' book ratings, the overall number of quizzes taken, or the percent correct on quizzes taken for a particular book.

If you do not have one of the programs listed above, you will still see the thumbnail for it; however, selecting it will simply show you a "No Data" page.

Use the menus and icons in the upper-right corner to change your role or log out , access the help , or return to the Home page .