What Is Renaissance Home Connect?

Renaissance Home Connect is connecting parents and extending practice. Renaissance Home Connect improves the school-to-home connection by allowing parents and students to log in to a website and view the student’s reading practice and progress towards goals. Access to online results promotes discussion between parents and students, which motivates students and can make reading practice even more effective. In addition, parents can specify up to six email addresses to receive automatic updates in English or Spanish on their student’s reading progress.

Two steps are required to get Renaissance Home Connect up and running:

  1. On the Home page, a district administrator or district staff member clicks Renaissance Home Connect, then Manage Availability and follows the instructions.
  2. Once Renaissance Home Connect is available on the Home page, teachers click Renaissance Home Connect, then Reports and print the Informational Letter in English or Spanish to be sent home with the student. If you are a teacher reading this, your administrator has already made Renaissance Home Connect available.

Renaissance Home Connect is accessible to Accelerated Reader customers.

Resources for Renaissance Home Connect

What Students See in Renaissance Home Connect

Information is only shown for products used in the student's classroom.

Accelerated Reader

My Overall Progress

Renaissance Home Connect gives parents and students a snapshot of the student's Accelerated Reader progress, including average percent correct in quizzes, number of points earned, and ATOS book level.

My Bookshelf

Parents and students can see all the books the student has read. Clicking a book shows details about it, such as book level, word count, points, and more.

Connecting Parents Through Email

Parents click Email Setup and enter their name and email address to receive automatically generated emails (in English or Spanish) about their student's progress in reading. Emails are sent when the student takes an Accelerated Reader quiz.