Usage Report

The Usage Report shows you how much Renaissance Home Connect is being used. For each school, the report includes:

  • The total number of students in the school
  • The number and percentage of students who have logged in to Renaissance Home Connect for the school
  • The total number of times students have logged in to Renaissance Home Connect for the school
  • The number and percentage of students who have email addresses registered for alerts
  • The total number of emails sent

To print the report, follow the steps below.

Who can do this with default capabilities?

District Administrators, District Staff, School Administrators, School Staff, Teachers

  1. On the Home page, select Renaissance Home Connect, then click Reports.
  2. If you have more than one school, use the School drop-down list on the Reports page to choose which school to print letters for.
  3. Click Usage.
  4. On the Report Options page, you can customize the report:
    • This drop-down list is available if you have access to more than one school. Choose All Schools or a single school.

    • Note: The Select Students options are not available if the Select Schools drop-down list is available and you have chosen All Schools in that drop-down list.

      • To choose a single class or all classes, use the drop-down list.
      • To choose specific students by name, click Students. Then, check the students who need letters on the Select Specific Students page and click Save Selection.
      • To choose multiple classes, click Classes. Then, check the classes who need letters on the Select Specific Classes page and click Save Selection.
    • Use this to include only those students who meet certain criteria. If you've already set up one or more reporting parameter groups, choose the group you want to use from the drop-down list (choose All Demographics [Default] if you want to include students from all the demographic groups).

      Click Create New or Edit Selected if the group you want is not in the list. Use this to create new groups or edit existing groups based on student enrollment date, ethnicity, gender, language, characteristics, and/or grade.

    • Use this to decide how to group information on the report. Choices are: Not Grouped, School, Grade, Teacher, or Class.

      Next, use the Then List drop-down list to decide what you want listed next based on your grouping choice (schools, grades, teachers, classes, or students).

    • If you do not want a list of the report options you chose to be printed on the report, remove the check mark from this box.

  5. Click View Report.
  6. As the program generates your report, the Report Progress page will appear. When the report is ready, it will open in your PDF reader, either within your browser window or in a separate window. Use the options in your PDF reader to save or print the report.
  7. To go back and choose different options for the report, click Customize this Report.

    To select another report, click Select a Different Report.