User Names and Passwords

When a person (student, teacher, staff, administrator, or parent) is added to Renaissance software, that person is assigned a user name and password.

The first time a person logs in to Renaissance software, he or she must use the assigned user name and password.


  • Personnel (teachers, staff members, and administrators) passwords must be three or more characters long and include at least one number.
  • User names and passwords are not case-sensitive. However, if the CAPS LOCK is on, people may experience problems logging in (symbols may be substituted for numbers).

To find students' user names and passwords select Users on the Home page. Then, select View Students. Search for the students by class, grade, or name. In the results, select the Passwords tab.

Accounts become locked when a user enters a wrong password too many times. Locked accounts are unlocked automatically overnight. Accounts can also be unlocked sooner for students or for personnel.

Students usually cannot change their passwords by themselves; administrators must change the password by editing a student's information. However, while editing a student's information, an administrator can choose to require the student to change his or her own password the next time the student logs in.

Personnel passwords can be changed in two ways:

  • Personnel can change their own passwords. To do this, select your name at the top of the Home page and choose to go to the login settings.
  • Administrators can change personnel passwords when they edit a person's information.
  • For students, administrators can edit multiple student records at one time.

    When you edit multiple student records and set a password, all of the affected students will be assigned the same password.