Word Grouping Report

This report shows which words at least 2/3 of the students answered correctly and which words 2/3 of the students did not answer correctly after they have completed Quiz 3.

The Word Grouping report lists:

  • library and chapter numbers
  • number of students who completed this chapter out of those who have worked on it
  • lists words answered correctly by 67% or more of students
  • lists words answered incorrectly by 67% or more of students

The program calculates percentages by counting the number of words answered correctly by all students on the pretest, Quizzes 1-3, and review quizzes (whichever score is higher for each student). Words in each category on the report are listed from highest to lowest percent correct for the class.

When you customize this report, you can choose the classes or students to include, the reporting parameter group, the chapters to include, the grouping used, and whether to include the report options that you selected on the report.