Installing the Necessary Software to Use English in a Flash

For the most up-to-date software, hardware, operating system, and browser requirements, visit http://www.renaissance.com/system-requirements/.

Who can do this with default capabilities?

District Administrators, District Staff, School Administrators, School Staff, Teachers

If any programs need to be installed or updated, contact your school's technology/computer coordinator. When programs are installed, the programs must be installed so all users of the computer can access the programs. Your school's technology/computer coordinator can tell you if you have the rights or permissions required to install software for all users.

For students to work in English in a Flash, each computer must have Adobe Flash Player and a PDF viewer (such as Adobe Reader) installed.

  • Adobe Flash Player: English in a Flash uses Adobe Flash Player to run the practices and tests students complete. The program checks for the Adobe Flash Player whenever a student tries to use English in a Flash. If you try to use English in a Flash, and the computer that you're using does not have Adobe Flash Player, you or your students will see the Checking Setup page. Adobe Flash Player can be installed from the Downloads page (see below).

  • PDF Viewer (such as Adobe Reader): Whenever anyone tries to view or print a report, manual, or other document, English in a Flash checks for a PDF viewer (such as Adobe Reader). If a PDF viewer is not installed, use one of these methods to install Adobe Reader:

    • Downloads page (see below)
    • On the bottom of the Reports page, select Get Adobe Reader. You will go to a site where you can download Adobe Reader.

To check for software and install any missing programs, follow these steps:

  1. On the Home page, select Product Administration.
  2. Select Download Supporting Software.
  3. To see which downloads are available or required, select Downloads. You will find PDF Reader and Adobe Flash Player listed under Third-Party Downloads.
  4. To find out whether your computer has a PDF reader program, select Test. If you have a PDF reader, a PDF file with a confirmation message will open. If this does not happen, select Download to find out how to download Adobe Reader.
  5. The page will show you whether Adobe Flash Player is installed; if so, it will show you the version that is installed. If Adobe Flash Player is not installed, select Download to find out how to install it.