Getting Started with English in a Flash

Prepare Your Classroom

  1. Establish English in a Flash schedules for students.
    • 15 minutes per day is best.
    • Post a schedule for students if appropriate.
  2. Check equipment:
    • Test audio, volume, and screen saver settings (use a setting of 20 minutes or more).
    • Use headphones that cover the ears (best for blocking out background noise).
  3. Explore English in a Flash to become comfortable with the program.

Teacher Mode

Teacher Mode lets you view any lesson or quiz without affecting student data. Use Teacher Mode to demonstrate the software to your students and create classroom activities.

  1. On the Home page, select English in a Flash, then Teacher Mode.
  2. If necessary, use the School drop-down list to select your school.
  3. To start the demonstration, select the library, chapter, and lesson or quiz you wish to review.
  4. For more information, see Teacher Mode.

What the Buttons Mean

Students will see these buttons as they work in English in a Flash:

Repeat: Replays the audio for the current item.

Back Up: Goes back one item and replays the audio.

Pause: Temporarily stops the program.

Continue: Restarts the program after pausing it.

Stop: Stops the program.

Stopping a Practice or Test

To stop a lesson or quiz before finishing it, select .

Unfinished lessons can be completed later. If the student saw fewer than 90 items, the entire lesson will be repeated. If the student saw more than 90 items, the student will only see sets of items that were not shown before the lesson was stopped.

Unfinished quizzes can be finished at a later time. The next time the student logs in, the program will start the quiz over.

View or Print Reports

To find the English in a Flash reports, on the Home page, select English in a Flash, then Reports.

For more information about the reports, see English in a Flash Reports. To find out how to print reports, see Viewing or Printing Reports.


See the English in a Flash Resources help page.

Recommended Reading Lists

The English in a Flash Recommended Reading Lists are available in Accelerated Reader Bookfinder. For more information, see Recommended Reading Lists for English in a Flash.