Accelerated Reader Bookfinder

Accelerated Reader Bookfinder (www.arbookfind.com) is a free web-based search tool that helps parents, guardians, and students search for appropriate Accelerated Reader books. Accelerated Reader Bookfinder contains all of the book and quiz titles that are available for Accelerated Reader. This information is updated weekly.

Accelerated Reader Bookfinder is available in both English and Spanish.

Anyone can access Accelerated Reader Bookfinder by going to www.arbookfind.com.

In Accelerated Reader Bookfinder, you can do the following:

  • search for book titles
  • add titles to your AR BookBag
  • print the contents (book titles) of your AR BookBag to use as a reference when visiting a library or bookstore

The AR BookBag is available in Accelerated Reader Bookfinder. It is a temporary holder, similar to a "shopping cart." You can add (or remove) book titles to the AR BookBag. You can also print the contents (book titles) so that you can use the list as a reference when visiting a library or bookstore.

Accelerated Reader Bookfinder includes two types of searches:

  • Quick Search, which searches for authors, titles, or topics
  • Advanced Search, which allows you to search by title, author, publisher, ISBN, quiz release date, quiz type, interest level, ATOS book level, Lexile┬« Measure, topics, subtopics, fiction/nonfiction and language (English or Spanish). You can also choose to sort results by title, author, interest level, book level, or rating

Teacher Lists are lists created by teachers in Accelerated Reader Bookguide. The lists must be designated as Teacher Lists. (Your school may or may not use Accelerated Reader Bookguide; check with your administrator.) Teacher Lists are viewed using a keycode in Accelerated Reader Bookfinder. The keycode is printed on the Informational Letter. Teachers print the Informational Letter in Accelerated Reader Bookguide and send it home with their students to share with parents or guardians.

A recommended reading list is provided for each English in a Flash library (Library 1, Library 2, and Library 3). The lists are reviewed periodically, and new books are added as they become available.

  • Library 1: ATOS Book Level range: .2-2.2
  • Library 2: ATOS Book Level range: .3-4.7
  • Library 3: ATOS Book Level range: .3-5.6
  • Library 2 and Library 3 have additional recommended reading lists for middle and upper grades.

To find out more, see Recommended Reading Lists for English in a Flash.

To access the English in a Flash recommended reading lists in Accelerated Reader Bookfinder, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Accelerated Reader Bookfinder (www.arbookfind.com).
  2. If you're asked to choose a user type, select Student, Parent, Teacher, or Librarian.
  3. Select Advanced Search.
  4. In the Additional Criteria section of the page, use the first drop-down list to select one of the English in a Flash Recommended Reading Lists (Library 1, Library 2, or Library 3).
  5. Use the second drop-down list (Subtopics) to select one of the chapters (1-15).
  6. There are two listings for each chapter: one is 90% and one is 95%. For books with MG (middle grade) and UG (upper grade) interest levels, select listings with 90%.

  7. Select Search.
  8. Review the results list. Select Add to AR BookBag for books that you want to add to your personal BookBag.