Flash Cards

Use this page to choose options and generate flash cards to use with your students. Flash cards vary based on the library and chapter; they can be printed and used to practice vocabulary.

If no libraries are installed, flash card options won't be available.

If you are not already on the Flash Cards page, go to the English in a Flash resources and choose Flash Cards.

  1. Choose the library you want to use from the drop-down list.
  2. Check the box for each chapter for which you want flash cards. Use the links to the left of the boxes to select or deselect all chapters.
  3. Select an option to choose how many flash cards to have on each page.
  4. Small = 16 cards per page
    Medium = 9 cards per page
    Large = 4 cards per page

  5. If you want the word or phrase to appear on the flash card with the picture, check the Show Text box.
  6. To generate the flash cards with the options you've chosen, select Create.
  7. When the flash cards are ready, they will open in your default PDF reader in the browser window or a separate window. Use the options in your PDF reader to print or save them. Select Return to Flash Cards at the top of the page when you are done.
  8. To go back to the resources page, select Return to Resources.