Why Would I Use the Star District Dashboard?

What does the Star District Dashboard do?

The Star District Dashboard gives district administrators the ability to benchmark and compare school performance and progress, evaluate school performance to judge progress against state and district expectations, diagnose the root causes of comparatively slow growth at the school level, and enable data-driven decisions that lead to actionability. The dashboard is a portal to all the data which is central to a district administrator's job, supporting activities ranging from goal setting to day-to-day progress tracking.

The Star District Dashboard will be the district administrator's forecasting tool for district performance. The dashboard will drive value every day by channeling data from multiple sources into customizable views that clearly show how schools, school groups, and the entire school district are performing in relation to a number of assessment scales and dozens of different metrics. District administrators use the dashboard to examine this data and get a daily "feel" for how effective programs are and how well-prepared students are for future high-stakes tests.

With the insight gained from the Star District Dashboard, district administrators can make alterations to assessment strategies and programs, set goals, and provide more focused guidance to schools in the district.

How do I use the Star District Dashboard?

The easiest way to use the Star District Dashboard is to use one of the 20+ pre-generated "out-of-the-box" dashboards available via the dashboard's navigator. These dashboards show the performance of the schools in your district in relation to several commonly used metrics.

Once you've become familiar with the out-of-the-box dashboards, you can begin modifying them by changing the metrics used and the type of view you are using (quadrant, stack, or expanded). With the number of views, metrics, and scales available, there are literally hundreds of different combinations you can explore.

Advanced users can create their own dashboards. The tools from the out-of-the-box dashboards are applied to school groups that you create, and additional filters can be applied to the data being viewed to create a truly unique data feed for the school district.

By default, the Star District Dashboard can only be viewed by district administrators, but district administrators can give district staff the ability to use the Star District Dashboard by setting the "Manage District" capability in Renaissance Place.