Editing Group Sets

If you are creating group sets (and are now editing the group(s) you have created), go ahead to step 2.

Only manually created groups can be edited, not those created automatically based on metrics.

  1. On an Observe and Orient page, choose the group set you want to edit from the Group Set drop-down list on the Groups tab and then select Edit.

  2. If you are editing a copy of a cloned group set, the schools will be grouped based on the automatically-created groups you chose to copy from.

    If you are creating group sets, all the schools start out in the Excluded group .

    Each school is categorized with a colored tag on the right side indicating that school's relation to the chosen metric. In the figure below, the metric is the median Reading SGP of the students in the school. Schools where the median is below 34 are tagged with red; schools where the median is above 66 are tagged with green; all the schools in between are tagged with yellow.

    Figure 1.

    • Place a school in a group by dragging the school to the group and dropping it on Move or Copy .

      Figure 2.

      If you drop a school on Copy, a copy of the school is placed in the group, but the original school remains in the group where you dragged it from. This allows you to put a school in more than one group.
    • Rename a group by selecting the group's current name and entering a new name.
    • Add a new group by selecting Add Group ( in Figure 1).
    • Delete a group by selecting Delete Group under that group's name .

      A group cannot be deleted if there are any schools in it. All schools in a group have to be moved before the group can be deleted.

    • As you make changes to groups, the schools in the groups will appear in the quadrant view on the right .
  3. When you are done creating or editing groups, select Save to save the group set, or Cancel to leave this page without saving your changes to the group set.