Creating New Group Sets

Schools in the district can be arranged into groups (that compose group sets). Group sets and groups make it easier to see patterns of data on the dashboard.

Schools can be placed in groups and group sets based on a number of different factors. For example, a group set could be made for schools in the district based on the percentage of students who are Hispanic:

This single group set could be composed of three groups: schools where less than 25% of the students are Hispanic, schools where 25–75% are Hispanic, and schools where more than 75% are Hispanic.

  1. On any of the Observe and Orient pages (whether you are viewing or creating a dashboard), choose Add/Remove Group Sets from the Group Set drop-down list on the Groups tab.

  2. Next:

    • To make a new group, select Create a Group Set.

    • To use an existing group set as the basis of a new group set, select the copy icon to the right of the group set you want to use as the basis.

      You can delete a group set by selecting the X after its name. Be very certain that you want to delete a group set; once deleted, it cannot be recovered.

      A group set with a lock icon after its name cannot be edited or deleted.

  3. Enter a name for the group set .

  4. Select a metric from the Metric drop-down list . This metric is used to categorize the schools, which will aid you in creating groups.

  5. Select the type of group set you want from the Type drop-down list:

    • Goal Setting: Schools are grouped based on their performance in relation to a specific goal. The group set will have four default groups: Exemplar, Cohort, Goal, and Excluded.
    • Program Participation: Schools are grouped based on whether the schools are taking part in a program within the district. The group set will have three default groups: Participant, Non-Participant, and Excluded.
    • Generic: Non-specific groups; you choose what criteria are used to place schools in groups. There will be five default groups: Groups 1–4 and Excluded.
  6. Select Save to continue, or Cancel to leave this page without saving your changes.

Once you have finished creating a group set, follow the instructions for editing group sets to add/arrange schools in it.