Expanded Views

In the Decide and Act/Adjust view , you can expand a factor widget or the quadrant/stack on the right side of the page by selecting the expansion arrow.

In the expanded views, you will have access to controls that allow you to change the parameters of the data being viewed. In the example below (an expanded factor widget), you could change the view from domain scores to cumulative scores , choose a different grade , change domains and domain families , switch from the schools view to school groups or the entire district , and change the setting of the grade filter .

If you are viewing data at the school or school group level, select a school or school group to open a pop-up window , which will have additional information about the school or school group and may have links to other dashboard views and reports.

When you are finished with the expanded view, use the closing arrows in the upper-right corner to restore the default view. Any changes you made in the expanded view will be carried over to the default view.