Decide and Act/Adjust: Quadrant View

The Decide and Act/Adjust quadrant view lets you add factor widgets to the quadrant, giving you up to six additional factors you can use to predict future school performance.

The quadrant (from the Observe and Orient view ) is reduced in size and moved to the right side of the screen . Any grade filters and groups in use are listed at the bottom of the page under the Filter and Group buttons. You can use the drop-down list of filters to change the grade filter on this page, or use the buttons to make more extensive changes to filters and groups.

Figure 1.

Thumbnail "widgets" for factors associated with the quadrant view (up to six) are shown on the left side of the screen . Select the expansion arrow on a widget to see an expanded view (see in Figure 2).

Figure 2.

You can also see an expanded view of the quadrant by selecting the expansion arrow below it ( in Figure 1).

To add a new widget, select Add Factor at the bottom of an available slot .

To set a goal to associate with the Impact Metric, use the Goal slider . The suggested value (or goal set by the user) is what sets the "green zone" on all visualizations.

  • If you do not set a goal, but Renaissance Learning has a suggested value for a goal (marked by a green line on the slider), the suggested goal will be used to set the "green zone." Not all factors have suggested values.
  • If there is no suggested value for a goal and you do not set one, there will be no "green zones" on the data visualizations.

To delete a factor widget, select the X in the upper-right corner .

For a printable version of the Decide and Act/Adjust view, use the PDF button in the upper-right corner.