Viewing the Initial Groups

On the Groups tab , the schools will be arranged and ranked based on the chosen Impact Metric.

If you choose different metrics ( and ), the schools will rearrange themselves accordingly, both on the Groups tab and in the quadrant view .

In the example above, the Impact Metric is the passing rate of students on a spring reading test. Schools where 66% or more of the students passed are grouped under High Pass Rate (green), schools where 34% or fewer of the students passed are grouped under the Low Pass Rate (red), and the schools in-between are grouped under Moderate Pass Rate (yellow).

When groups and group sets are created automatically, the metric values used to arrange them are set by Renaissance Learning and cannot be adjusted—in the example above, the SGP - Reading scores of 34 and 66 . For dashboards using groups that you create, you can adjust these values.

On the Groups tab, select the check mark on the left side of a school or group to hide that item in the quadrant view. Hidden schools will still be visible on the Groups tab, but will be "whited out": . Select the circle on the left to check it and restore the item to the current view.

Select the arrow to the right of a group's name to expand or collapse the group. In the quadrant view, all the schools will collapse into a single symbol representing all the schools in the group. This symbol's placement is based on the average metric value of all visible schools in the group. Select the arrow again to expand the group.