Teacher Lists

When you create a list, you have the option of making it a Teacher List. A Teacher List can be viewed using a keycode in Accelerated Reader Bookfinder. (To see your keycode, open the Personal Preferences.)

Once you give them the keycode, parents, guardians, and students can use your Teacher List in Accelerated Reader Bookfinder to help them find appropriate books.

The way you entered your name when you set up your account determines how your name will appear in a Teacher List. To change how your name appears, edit your User Account information.

Follow these steps to create a Teacher List:

  1. From the Accelerated Reader Bookguide Home page, click List Management.
  2. Click Create List.
  3. In the List Name blank field, type the name of your list.
  4. You can enter additional information in the Comment blank field if you choose (no more than 90 characters).

  5. Check the Create Teacher List box to make the list available in Accelerated Reader Bookfinder.
  6. A star TeacherListStar.gif on the list management table indicates that a list is a Teacher List and that it is available in Accelerated Reader Bookfinder when the user enters the Keycode.

  7. Click Save. Your new list becomes the Active List under the Lists tab.
  8. To search for titles to add to your list, click Search.
  9. Type your search item in the blank Search field. Press Enter or click Search. (You can also select Advanced Search.)
  10. If you want to add all the books listed in your search to your list, click Add All Results to List (just above the list of results).

    To add all the books listed on this page of your search to your list, check the Select box (at the top of the list). If your search results occupy multiple pages, you will have to repeat this for each page.

    To add individual books, click the check box in the Select column in front of each book title.

    Click Show More Details above the book titles to display some additional information on each book. Click Show Fewer Details to reduce the information displayed.

    For detailed information about a book, click the book title or the book jacket. The Book Details page opens. You can click Print Book Details to print book information.

    If you have many results, they will be split into multiple pages. Use the arrows just above the search results to go to the next page , the previous page , the last page of results , or the first page of results .

    Click Add Selected Titles to List to add individual titles that you have checked. The rows of titles added to your list turn gray with a blue star appearing in the On List column.

  11. After you've added titles, you can review your list by selecting Lists at the top of the page.
  12. You can either select the name of the list in the table or select Active List toward the top of the page.
  13. You will see the books that have been added to the list.
  14. To remove a title from the list, check it and click Remove from List.

    Click Legend to see an definition of the Quiz Type symbols that appear in your list.