General Preferences

The General Preference settings affect everyone who uses this Accelerated Reader Bookguide account.

  1. On the Home page, click Preferences. The next screen will default to Personal Preferences.
  2. Click General Preferences and make your changes.
  3. Changing Book Locations:

    1. Click Edit after Book Locations.
    2. If you have already added locations and you want to view or edit one, select the location from the Locations drop-down list.
    3. To change information for the selected location, click Edit to the right of the drop-down list. Edit the location name and address information on the Book Locations page. Then, click Save.
    4. To add a new location, click Add. Enter the location name and address information on the Book Locations page; then, click Save.

      Note: Locations can't be deleted.

    5. Click Done when you're finished viewing and changing locations.

    Changing Book Level and Points:

    On the General Preferences page, click Edit to change the book level type shown in the software. Your choices are ATOS or Lexile® Measure. (You can also select the book level that is shown when you do an Advanced Search.)

    Custom Fields (User Defined):

    To change custom fields, click Edit for the first or second field on the General Preferences page. See Custom Fields for additional information.