MARC Records Report

When you import MARC records from your library system, Accelerated Reader Bookguide looks for matching books. When matching books are found, the software marks them as books that you own.

To see the matching results, you can either create a book list as part of the import or generate a results report.

When you import MARC record files, it's helpful to create a list from the results of the import. You can use the list to print book labels. The list can only be created as you import; you cannot create a list of the imported records later.

After you import your MARC records from your library circulation system into Accelerated Reader Bookguide, Accelerated Reader Bookguide separates the titles in the import into two groups:

  • The Matching records are a list of the books in your MARC records file that matched titles in Accelerated Reader Bookguide.
  • The Non-matching records are the books in your file that did not match titles in Accelerated Reader Bookguide.

Usually, if a book in your collection does not match a Reading Practice Quiz in the Accelerated Reader Bookguide database, there is either no quiz for that book, or the quiz was based on an earlier edition of the book in your collection. If the book in your collection is a revision of one used to create an AR quiz, you must manually mark that book "Have Book." See Marking Books and Quizzes for more information.

You can generate Import Results reports for successful MARC records imports. When you generate the report, you can choose to view either the Matching or Non-matching records. See Checking Import History and Printing Results for more information.