Printing Book Labels

Note: You can print labels for the new books (or all of the books) listed in imported MARC records from your library's circulation system.

You can print the Book Label Report from either the List Management page or your active list page. Follow the steps below. The book labels measure 2 5/8" x 1" (30 labels per page, Avery L5160).

  1. If you are on the Home page, click List Management under Title & List Management. Then, on the right side of the List Management page, click Book Labels.
  2. If you are viewing your Active List, click the Book Labels link.

  3. The Book Label Report page opens. Use the List drop-down to make your selection.
  4. Use the Number of Labels section to determine how many labels are printed.
  5. One option is to print a set number of labels for each title. If you want to do this, select the first option and enter the number of labels that you want for each title in the field.

    If you have marked the books that you own, you can choose Match the number of books owned per title. If you choose this option, you must use the drop-down list to choose the location that you want to print labels for. The number of labels that are printed for each book will be based on the number of copies you have entered for the book at that location in the book details.

  6. Select how you want the labels sorted (by quiz number, title, author's last name, book level, points, or Call Number).
  7. Select what information you want to appear on the labels (Points, Interest Level, Book Level, and/or Call Number).
  8. By default, Points, Interest Level, and Book Level are already selected.

    If your import did not include call numbers, or if the call numbers appear incorrectly, check the Call Number Field Tag used during the MARC record import.

  9. Select the position on your label sheet where you want the labels to start printing by typing the number in the field. Use the chart as a guide.
  10. To view your Book Label Report, click View Report at the bottom of the page.
  11. A message will tell you that your Book Label Report is being generated. When the report is ready, it opens in your PDF reader, either within your browser window or in a separate window, and you can print the labels.
  12. If you came from the List Management page, you can select Return to List Management to go back.

    If you were viewing the list of books on a book list, select Return to Active List to go back.

    Click Home to go back to the Accelerated Reader Bookguide home page.