Viewing and Scoring Students' Responses to Skills Practice Assignments

Follow the steps below to view and score student responses to Skills Practice article assignments. Follow these steps:

  1. Select Track Assignments on the main Accelerated Reader 360 page.
  2. You will go to the Track Student Work view. When you go to this view from AR 360 Instructional Reading, AR 360 assignments are selected by default, and the class that you had selected in AR 360 is also selected in this view. In the example below, the "6 assignment types" that are selected are AR 360 assignments, and the class from the previous page is already selected. Make changes to the selections if necessary.
  3. Click the name of the plan that includes the assignments you want to score. Assignments for articles that students selected on their own are in the "AR 360 Instructional Practice Plan"; assignments that you created are in the plan that you created and named.
  4. If you have more than one plan with the same name, the Start Date may help; this is the first day in the time period that you chose for the plan. Note that some plans may only be displayed if you have "School Year" chosen for the timeframe.

  5. After you click a plan, you will see a list of the AR 360 assignments in that plan. Click an assignment that has activities that need scoring. In the example below, the first assignment (A Holiday to Celebrate Trees) has 3 activities listed in the Needs Scoring column.
  6. Another way to get to scoring is to click the arrow next to the plan (instead of selecting the plan name) and then click the name of a student who needs activities scored.

  7. Quizzes are scored automatically, but Skills Practice work needs to be scored by the teacher. In the example below, three of the students have completed the quiz, and they have submitted the Skills Practice portion of the assignment for scoring. (Daniel has not yet started the assignment.)
  8. Select Submitted, then Score Activity to begin scoring the Skills Practice for a student.

    For Skills Practice assignments that have already been scored, you can rescore an assignment by selecting the score and then choosing Review/Rescore/Resubmit. If you choose this option, you will see the summary mentioned in step 10 first; select an item number to see the student's response and to rescore the item if necessary.

  9. The first item that you see will usually be the assignment and instructions. No scoring is needed for this item.
  10. Select the 2 to score the second item.

  11. For the next item, you'll see the student's tag or response. Use the drop-down list to choose the number of points that you want to give the student for the tag or response. Only the point values that you can assign are in the drop-down list; you can assign up to 2 points for each item.
  12. After you go to item 2, notice that item 1 no longer has an exclamation point, while the other items do. The exclamation points show you which items have not been scored so that you can make sure that you score all items.

  13. Choose a score for the second item. Continue by selecting and scoring each item until you have finished. You can select the item numbers to go back if necessary.
  14. When you have finished, select Return to Summary at the top of the page.
  15. The Summary will show you the total score based on the scores you chose for each item on the assignment. Do one of the following:
    • If you are satisfied with the score, select Done in the top right corner of the page to go back to the Track Student Work page.
    • If you want to change the overall score, select Edit Score below the percentage score. Then, enter a new total score and select Apply Changes. (You can select Cancel if you decide not to change the score.) When you're done, select Done in the top right corner of the summary to go back to the Track Student Work page.
    • If you edit the total score instead of rescoring the items in the assignment, the student's mastery chart for the skill at the bottom of the page will not be updated, and mastery scores in the Monitor Student Mastery view will not be updated.

    • If you want the student to do more work on the assignment and submit it again, select Request Resubmit below the total score. A message will remind you that your scores will not be saved if you request a resubmit. If you want to continue, select Yes. You will go back to the Track Student Work page, and the skills practice assignment will be marked "In Progress" until the student completes the skills practice assignment again.
  16. You will go back to the Track Student Work page. If you saved scores for the assignment, you can see the student's score for the activity, and you can score work for other students.
  17. Note that after you score a skills practice assignment, you can select the score and then select Review/Rescore/Resubmit to see and rescore the student's responses again, to edit the total score, or to ask the student to submit the assignment again.

    You can also choose to view the student's performance across skills and item types, item responses, and mastery.

    If you choose Mastery, you can see the student's mastery score and the mastery confidence based on the work the student has done. Note that if you assign work by browsing through articles or searching for articles, some skills practice assignments may focus on skills that are not part of your learning progression; those skills will not show mastery score information.