Viewing the Results of Students' Assignments and Article Quizzes

Teachers follow these steps to see students' assignment results and quiz scores from AR 360 Instructional Reading assignments.

  1. Select Track Assignments on the main Accelerated Reader 360 page.
  2. You will go to the Track Student Work view. When you go to this view from Accelerated Reader Instructional Reading, AR 360 assignments are selected by default, and the class that you had selected in AR 360 is also selected in this view. In the example below, the "6 assignment types" that are selected are AR 360 assignments, and the class from the previous page is already selected. Make changes to the selections if necessary.
  3. Click the name of the plan that includes the assignments that you want to view scores for. Assignments for articles that students selected on their own are in the "AR 360 Instructional Practice Plan"; assignments that you created are in the plan that you created and named.
  4. If you have more than one plan with the same name, the Start Date may help; this is the first day in the time period that you chose for the plan. Note that some plans may only be displayed if you have "School Year" chosen for the timeframe.

  5. After you click a plan, you will see a list of the AR 360 assignments in that plan. Click an assignment that has the scored activity that you want to review. In the example below, the first assignment (A Holiday to Celebrate Trees) has 5 activities in the Scored column.
  6. Another way to get to scores for a specific student is to click the arrow next to the plan (instead of selecting the plan) and then click the name of a student who has activities scored.

  7. In the example below, the skills practice assignment for the article has been scored for two of the students, and three of the students have taken the article quiz.
  8. If you select a quiz score, you can choose whether to view performance across skills or item types, to see item responses, or to see the student's mastery information for the related skill.

    When you select a Skills Practice score, you can also select Review/Rescore/Resubmit to see the student's responses and the points you awarded. (You can also rescore student responses.) When you have finished, select Done.

    Students can also view their results. In the Assignments List on the student Home page, students can select a completed article, then select a completed skills practice activity to see their score.

Teachers can also see their students' quiz scores for Instructional Reading assignments in the Other Reading Quizzes Record Book, which is found under Independent Reading in Accelerated Reader 360. Follow these steps:

  1. On the Home page, select Independent Reading, then Record Books and Goals.
  2. Select Other Reading Quizzes in the list of Record Books.
  3. The next page shows you the most recent Other Reading Quiz taken by each student. These quizzes may be textbook or article quizzes. To get more information about the most recent quiz, or to see other quizzes the student has taken, select a student's name.
  4. When you click the student's name, you can see the ATOS level for the quiz's reading material, and you have the opportunity to edit the quiz result information or generate a report on the results (TOPS).

If you want to go back to the Instructional Reading section of AR 360, select Home at the top of the page. Then, on the Home page, select Instructional Reading under Accelerated Reader 360.

Article quizzes are Other Reading Quizzes. Students do not earn points for these quizzes as they do for Reading Practice Quizzes.

If you want to see overall Instructional Reading results for students or classes, select Reading Dashboard on the Home page.

Note that when students read books in the Instructional Reading section of AR 360 and then take quizzes, the results for those quizzes are in the Independent Reading Record Book that applies to the quiz type (Reading Practice, Literacy Skills, or Vocabulary Practice).