How Students Review Completed Assignments and Quizzes

Students follow these steps to see their scores on skills practice assignments that they have finished and quizzes that they have taken.

  1. In the Assignments List on the Home page, scroll down to Completed assignments (at the end of the list).
  2. You can also choose the drop-down list that has "All" selected and choose "Done" instead to find the completed assignments.


  3. Select the completed assignment.
  4. You will see a list of the activities in the assignment. For Skills Practice assignments like the one listed below, you will see the skills practice and the article quiz (if a quiz was included). For Read and Take Quiz assignments, you will see the article quiz and "Read Article."

    Select the activity that you'd like to review.

  5. If you are reviewing results for an article quiz, you will see your score, and you may have the option to review missed questions depending on your software version. To leave the results and go back to the list, select Exit.
  6. If you are reviewing results for skills practice, you will see your score. The way this information appears depends on your version of the software. See the examples below.

    If the student sees results like this first example, you can see each item and the score your teacher gave you; select Next to go through the items on the assignment and Finish at the last item.

    If the student sees results like this second example, the student will see his or her score on the skills practice; the student selects Done when he or she is finished reviewing the score.