How Students Take Quizzes on Articles Outside of Assignments

When students complete assignments, they may be asked to take a quiz on an article after they finish the assignment. By following the steps below, students can also find articles that interest them on their own, and they can take a quiz after reading an article. Teachers will see the results of the quiz.

  1. On the Home page, select Read an Article.
  2. There are three ways for students to find articles:
    • Select Read & Quiz for one of the new articles that are listed on the page.
    • To search for articles on a specific subject, enter a word in the search field at the top of the page; then, press the enter key or select the magnifying glass. Then, scroll through the list until you see an article that interests you and select Read & Quiz for that article.
    • Select one of the topics (such as Science, Culture, or Animals). Then, scroll through the list until you see an article that interests you and select Read & Quiz for that article.

    Students will see articles for their grade level, one grade level below, and one grade level above.

  3. The article will open. Read through it carefully.
  4. When you are done, at the bottom of the page, select Finish. Select Finish again in the message that opens.
  5. On the next page, select Take Quiz. (If you don't take the quiz, you will see the article listed in your Assignments list until you take the quiz.)
  6. The quiz will open.
  7. If the program asks for a monitor password before the quiz, the teacher needs to enter the password. When this happens, the password is required by the School or Classroom Student Quizzing preferences in the Independent Reading section of AR 360.

    The Accelerated Reader Date and Time Restrictions may also prevent students from taking quizzes on certain days or times; if so, you may be able to override the restrictions using a monitor password (depending on the preference settings).

    If your teacher has restricted the book levels that you can take quizzes for, and you choose an article outside of levels that are allowed, you may not be allowed to take a quiz. If the program asks for the monitor password, the teacher can use that password to override the restrictions. (Only individual student book level restrictions affect article quizzes; the Quiz Setup preference does not.)

  8. Select an answer to each question and then select Next >.
  9. When the quiz is done, you will see your score. Select Exit to go back to the Home page.

The Other Reading Quizzes Passing Percent preference sets the passing percentage for article quizzes (as well as textbook quizzes).

If students take quizzes on articles that you have not assigned, their quiz results are listed under a year-long AR 360 Instructional Practice Plan on the Track Student Work page.