Using K-2 Read Aloud Assignments in AR 360

For students in grades K-2, AR 360 Instructional Reading includes a collection of nonfiction articles with Read Aloud, Think Aloud assignments. Using high-interest subjects for these grades, the assignments include pre-reading discussion prompts and guiding questions that you can use as you read aloud to your students. Students do not log in to complete these assignments; instead, you read the article to the students and work through the activities with the entire group.

To use the K-2 Read Aloud, Think Aloud assignments, you must first find the assignments by skills and standards or find them by topic and keyword. (You will see Read Aloud after the article name as shown in the example below.)

Select Preview. Preview will allow you to go through the assignment as a student so that you can use the assignment with your class or group, highlighting and tagging, answering questions, and taking the quiz.

The instructions and the assignment will include discussion prompts and questions like the one shown below.