Featured Articles

When you first open Accelerated Reader 360 Instructional Reading, you will see a list of Featured Articles on the first page. These are typically new articles or articles that fit a specific theme.

To use these articles, first, select the link at the top of the page to choose the class or group that you want to find articles for.

In the columns that open, choose the school, the teacher, and the class or group. (Teachers may not need to make some selections.) Select Apply.

Above the Featured Articles, you can check Elementary School (K-5), Middle School (6-8), or High School (9-12) to limit the list to articles intended for those grades. If none or all of the boxes are checked, all of the Featured Articles are shown.

The articles will be listed once for each assignment type.

Articles are usually listed more than once because each article typically has assignments for more than one skill. Skills Practice assignments require students to read the article, identify text that meets certain criteria (highlight and tag), answer a written Show You Know prompt, and take the quiz. These are the assignment types that are listed for Featured Articles.

Articles may also have assignments that simply require them to read the article and take a quiz. Some articles may also have the following assignments:

  • Read Aloud assignments are intended to be used with students in grades K-2. Read Aloud assignments include activities that help you discuss the articles with students and model skills.
  • Watch the Video to Learn More assignments have videos embedded to allow students to learn to use different mediums on a topic.

For each assignment, you will see the skill, grade, ATOS level and Lexile® Measure. (For the skill, the short name is shown, but you can select to see more information.)

To preview an assignment, select Preview. The assignment will open in a new tab in your browser, and you will see the assignment as a student would see it, starting with the assignment instructions, then the article, and then each assignment item (with the article text included for reference). To go on from one step to the next, select Next > or select one of the item numbers at the bottom of the page. Any work you do on the assignment will not be saved since you are previewing. On the last item, select Finish; then, select Finish again in the confirmation message. Select Close Preview to close the tab when you are done.

Remember that AR 360 is still open in your original browser tab.

If you decide to use an assignment for the selected class or group, select Assign to the right of the assignment.

Then, in the message that opens, choose Continue to confirm that you want to assign it to the class or group shown in the message. Finally, select OK when a message confirms that the assignment was created. The assignment will shortly appear in the Assignments list on the students' Home page; they can select it to open it and complete it.