Monitoring Article Quiz Data with Accelerated Reader Reports

To see students' article quiz scores (and skills practice results in some cases) on reports, follow these steps:

  1. On the Home page, select Independent Reading, then Reports.
  2. Select Other Reading in the list of report categories.
  3. The Diagnostic - Other Reading and Student Record Reports include quiz results for article quizzes, just as they do for textbook Other Reading Quizzes:
    • The Diagnostic - Other Reading Report includes overall Other Reading Quiz performance, including article and textbook quizzes. The report includes diagnostic codes, the number of Other Reading Quizzes passed and taken, the average book level, the average percent correct, and the number of words read. For the latest Other Reading Quiz, the report shows you the quiz number, language, date taken, book level, and percent correct.
    • In the Student Record Report, the Other Reading section shows you how students did on each Other Reading Quiz taken during the time period you selected (including textbook quizzes and article quizzes).

If you want to go back to the Instructional Reading portion of AR 360, select Home at the top of the page. Then, on the Home page, select Instructional Reading under Accelerated Reader 360.

Both article quizzes and textbook quizzes are Other Reading Quizzes. Students do not earn points for these quizzes as they do for Reading Practice Quizzes.

If you want to see overall Instructional Reading results for students or classes, select Reading Dashboard on the Home page.

On the Home page, you can also select New Reports under Dashboards and Reporting and select Quiz Takers to go to a Dashboard view that shows you data on the quizzes you select, which can include Other Reading Quizzes.