Frequently Asked Questions about Accelerated Reader 360 Instructional Reading

I just started using Accelerated Reader 360. How do I get started with Instructional Reading?

See Getting Started with Accelerated Reader 360 Instructional Reading.

How do I create or manage groups?

In addition to assigning work to your classes, you can assign work to any groups you have created in Accelerated Reader 360 or other programs that you may use for reading assignments or data (Reading Dashboard views, Planner, or Star Custom reading). For more information, see one of the following:

Note that groups can only include students from the same class. If you work with students from multiple classes, ask your administrator to create a separate class for you with those students so that you can set up the appropriate groups.

How do I assign articles?

There are three ways to find and assign article assignments:

Can I print articles?

Accelerated Reader 360 does not include a feature for printing articles at this time.

Do students earn points for article quizzes?

Students do not yet earn points for article quizzes.

Do students' article quizzes count toward their Accelerated Reader goals?

Article quizzes do not yet count toward goals.

How do I see the results of students' quizzes?

There are multiple ways to do this:

  • Select Track Assignments at the top of the main Accelerated Reader 360 page. You will go to the Track Student Work page for the selected class, where you can see the status of student work, view quiz scores, and score skills practice assignments as needed.
  • Select Independent Reading to see the results for article quizzes in the Other Reading Quizzes Record Book. On your Renaissance Place Home page, select Independent Reading, then Record Books and Goals. Then, select Other Reading Quizzes in the list of Record Books. The Other Reading Quizzes Record Book shows each student's most recent quiz; you can click a student's name to see other quizzes the student has taken.
  • You can also see students' scores in the Diagnostic - Other Reading and Student Record Reports.

When students take quizzes, the program asks for a monitor password. Is this the same password that is used for Independent Reading quizzes?

Yes, this is the same password that is used for other Accelerated Reader quizzes for Independent Reading. For more information, see Accelerated Reader Monitor Password.

Can I create my own assignments?

Yes, you can now create your own skills practice assignments in Accelerated Reader 360.

How do I bring my own articles or articles that I find on the web into Accelerated Reader 360?

You can import articles with any associated images using a Microsoft Word template, and you can create skills practice assignments to go with those articles.

Note that you should no longer use the Bookmarklet to bring web articles into Accelerated Reader 360. (If you have been using it, the Bookmarklet is shown as "Save to AR 360" in your browser's bookmarks bar.) Remove the Bookmarklet from your browser, and import the articles instead.

Can I read and assign eBooks in Accelerated Reader 360 Instructional Reading?

No, books that were read or loaded into Accelerated Reader 360 are no longer available. There are many e-readers available that support the same free books that Accelerated Reader 360 supported, such as

Students joined my class after I created assignments. How do I add assignments for those students?

Create the same assignments again, selecting only the students who have not yet received the assignments, and choose the same timeframe.