Quiz Takers

Quiz Takers is one of the dashboards available in New Reports.

The Quiz Takers view lets you see information about your students' activity on Reading Practice Quizzes, Other Reading Quizzes (textbook quizzes), and Article Quizzes. The page shows you which students have taken specific quizzes in a selected time period.

To start, use the options at the top of the page to choose what you want to see.

Selecting the Class and Students

First, click the class and student information to choose which class and students to include.

Then, in the first column, select a school if necessary.

In the Classes column, select one class.

In the Students column, you can also choose whether to include all students in the class or to select specific students. If you choose Select Students, check the students that you want to include.

When you've finished, select Apply.

If you are using Teacher-Made Quizzes, the school that you select determines which Teacher-Made Quizzes are available to select.

Selecting the Quizzes to Report On

To choose the quizzes that you want to see data for, at the top of the page click the number of quizzes ("7 quizzes" in the example above).

The available quizzes are listed. To narrow the list of results, you can either search for specific words (such as words in a title or an author's name), or you can select Filters.

If you choose Filters, you can choose to narrow the list by fiction/nonfiction or language:

  • F/NF: Choose to include fiction, nonfiction, or both (or undefined). If you do not choose a filter, both are included in results.
  • Language: Choose to include English quizzes (EN), Spanish (SP), or both. If you do not choose a filter, both are included in results.

When you're done choosing filters, select Close at the bottom of the filter window. (Choose Clear All to remove filters that you have selected.)

You'll see any filters that you've selected below the search field. To clear a filter, select the X on a filter, or select Clear All next to the filters to remove all of them.

In the results, find the quizzes that you want to see information about. Select Add to List for each of these quizzes.

When you do this, the quiz will be checked. To the right, select Apply to add the quiz to the Selected Titles.

You can also select the dots on the left side of a quiz in the results and drag it to the Selected Titles.

If you have more than one page of results, use the arrows at the bottom of the page to move through the pages of results. Select to go to the next page of results, to go to the previous page, to go to the first page of results, and to go to the last.

When you've finished choosing the quizzes, select Apply under the results.

Selecting the Time Frame

Use the drop-down list to choose the time period to view data for. "Marking period" is the current marking period. "School Year" means the current school year.

If you want to set the start and end dates for the data you want to see, choose Custom. Then, select the start date in the calendar to the left, and select the end date for the time period in the calendar to the right. When you've finished, click Apply. The dates that you've chosen will be shown at the top of the page.

Viewing the Data

After making the selections, you will see the data for the first of the quizzes that you chose.

To the left, you'll see information about the quiz title (author, word count, points, fiction/nonfiction, quiz number, number of questions, and language). You'll also see the number of selected students who have not taken this quiz; to see their names, click the # of Non-Quiz Takers link.

Below that, you'll see a summary of the number of students who have taken the quiz and the average points earned; you'll also see the average percent correct and average percent of points earned on a small bar graph.

The larger graph shows each student who took the quiz and the student's percent correct (based on the length of the bar). If you select a student's name, you can see the date the student took the quiz, the student's percent correct, and the points the student earned for the quiz.

The other quizzes you selected are shown as smaller graphs below the first quiz's information. On those graphs, you can also select a student's name to see how the student did on the quiz. If you want to see the full information for the quiz title, select the double-arrow in the top-right corner of the quiz's graph as shown below; you will then see the same information that you saw for the first quiz.

To reduce the size of the graph and go back to the previous view, select the double-arrow in the top-right corner of the graph.

Returning to the Navigator

To go back to the New Reports Navigator, select this icon in the top-right corner of the page: