How Students View Their Scores on Quizzes They've Taken

After students log in to Renaissance software and select Accelerated Reader (or Take a Quiz if you have Accelerated Reader 360), to see all books they have read, students select Bookshelf at the top of the page as shown above.

The Bookshelf page is a showcase of all the quizzes that the student has taken for books and articles. The quizzes are organized by month, with the most recent quizzes listed first; the score earned for each is shown. Students will see a book more than once if they took more than one type of quiz for the book (such as a Reading Practice Quiz and the Literacy Skills Quiz or Vocabulary Practice Quiz). For Reading Practice Quizzes, students may also see how they rated the book if the Book Voting preference is on; see the stars under the quiz results in the example below.

To search for a specific book in the bookshelf, students use the search field above the book covers. Students may enter words from the title, the author's name, or the quiz number to find a book; then, they select the magnifying glass to search.

To see the full list of books again, students select Clear to clear the search:

When students select a book cover, they will see:

  • More information about the book. This may include title, author, quiz number, level, and points.
  • Information about their performance on the quiz, including how many questions they answered correctly, percent correct, number of points earned, number of words read, quiz type, date the quiz was taken, how the book was read, and how they rated the book.
  • The Print TOPS Report button. When students select this, they can choose to print report or cancel to view it without printing. Students select Close to go back.
  • A < Back button at the top of the page that they can use to go back to the bookshelf. They can then select Reading to go back to their Accelerated Reader Home page.