Troubleshooting: Accelerated Reader

While using Accelerated Reader, you can use this page to find solutions to issues you might experience. For further assistance, see Need More Help.

  • The connection to the server may have been lost. If there are connection problems between the server which is hosting Renaissance software and the computer that the student is quizzing on, the quiz may be interrupted or cancelled.
  • The student capacity limit may have been reached.
  • Restrictions or blocks may be set up. Check the message to see whether quizzing may be blocked by date and time, book level, or interest level. (These restrictions are set in the Accelerated Reader preferences.)
  • The student may not be able to log in because his or her account is locked and the lock needs to be cleared.

Date restrictions were set for the previous school year. Update your Date and Time Restriction preference settings.

Pop-up blocking software is preventing your Renaissance software from functioning as designed. To prevent issues with pop-up blockers, you will need to either turn off or uninstall your pop-up blocker, or allow pop-ups from your Renaissance site.

For more information about turning off the pop-up blocker, see in the Renaissance Knowledge Base.

  • An administrator can set the Security Options in the Product Administration area of the software to restrict the IP addresses of computers that can access the software.
  • Enable the Date and Time Restriction Preference in Accelerated Reader to prevent students from taking quizzes before or after school and on the weekend. If this is the only security measure you take, keep in mind students will be able to take quizzes from home during the school day if they are home sick.
  • Require the monitor password when students take quizzes by setting the Monitor Password Required Preference.

The marking period displayed on Accelerated Reader TOPS reports and in Renaissance Home Connect is determined as follows:

  • The school marking period that includes the date the quiz was taken, or today's date in Renaissance Home Connect.
  • If more than one school marking period includes the date the quiz was taken, or today's date in Renaissance Home Connect, the one with the closest end date is used.
  • If more than one school marking period includes the date and they have the same end date, the shortest marking period is used.
  • If multiple school marking periods cover the same date range, the first one that was added in Renaissance software is used.