Adding Students to or Removing Students from a Team

Who can do this with standard capabilities?

District Administrators, School Administrators, Teachers

  1. On the Home page, if you see Accelerated Reader, click it, then click Record Books and Goals.

    If you have the Accelerated Reader 360 Suite, select Independent Reading, then Record Books and Goals.

    If necessary, choose the school from the School drop-down list. If you have access to more than one class, the class that you select has no effect on what you will see on the View Team Sets page.

  2. Click Teams in the list of Other Activities.
  3. The View Team Sets page lists the team sets that are available in the school. Click the name of the team set that includes the team you want to work with.
  4. Click Add/Remove Students in the row for the appropriate team on the View Teams page.
  5. The Add/Remove Students page lists the students who are currently enrolled in the team you selected.
    • To add more students to the team, you must first search for the students. To do this, you can enter all or some of the student information, including the first name, last name, student ID, class, or grade. To enter the first name, last name, or ID, type the information; you do not need to enter the entire name or ID. To select a class or grade to search in, choose the information from the drop-down list. When you are ready, click Search.
    • In the search results, check the box next to each student you want to add to this team. If the list is long, click Next >> or << Previous to move through it. (This adds any students that you have already checked to the list of students on the left.)

      When the students you want to add to this team are checked, click < Add at the top of the list to move them to the list on the left.

    • To remove a student from the team, click Remove next to the student's name.
  6. Click Save when you've finished.