TWI and TWI Monitoring

TWI (read To the student, read With the student, or read Independently) is the most developmentally sound and inclusive concept for in-school reading practice. Within the TWI framework, emergent and beginning readers have books read aloud to them. We call this "Read To." As students progress, there may be a period of assisted, one-on-one reading practice during which a student works with an adult or more experienced reader. We call this "Read With." When a student is able to read on his own, we call it "Read Independently." Even at the independent reading stage, however, Read To and Read With activities are not dropped. Rather, a mix of Read To, Read With, and Read Independently continues all the way through high school, with varying amounts of each. (For established readers, about 80 percent of points earned should come from independent reading practice.)

In order for Accelerated Reader to monitor a student's TWI information, the TWI Monitoring Preference needs to be enabled. You can also set specific TWI settings for individual students in a class using the TWI Settings Preference in the Quiz Settings, which are under Individual Student Preferences on the Preferences page.

If you have enabled TWI monitoring, you can use the TWI Report to get a summary of each student's Reading Practice Quiz results for books read To, read With, or read Independently.

If a student takes a Reading Practice quiz on a book read To or With, six months later he or she can retake the quiz if the book was read Independently.