How Students Find Ideas for Books to Read in Accelerated Reader

Book Ideas

On the Reading tab, students will see "Top Book Ideas for You" with a series of book covers below the heading (as shown below).

Accelerated Reader suggests books for students based on:

If students have not taken Star Reading tests, the Zone of Proximal Development is not available, so the software uses students' grade placements instead of their ZPDs to help determine book ideas.

Books that are in your library are marked with the (in school library) icon if you have imported MARC records.

Students can select one of the book (or article) covers to see more information, including the title, author, book level, fiction/nonfiction classification, quiz number, points, whether Recorded Voice is available (shown with ), whether the book is in the school library collection, and a description. The information can help students decide whether they would like to read one of these books next.

Students can also choose to view the vocabulary words for the book if a Vocabulary Practice Quiz is available.

If the administrator makes some books unavailable to students, those quizzes will not show up for students in book ideas. It may take up to 5 minutes for books you have hidden to be hidden for students.

Searching for Books to Read

Students can also search for books to read by book level, points, or interest level.

First, the student selects Filters next to the Search button.

Next, on the left side of the Filters window, the student selects Interest Level, Points, or ATOS Book Level (or Lexile® Measure) to choose what to search for. Students can choose to search by more than one of these: for example, students could search for books with a middle grade interest level and with ATOS book levels from 4.0 to 8.0.

To search by interest level, the student selects Interest Level to the left. Then, the student checks the boxes for the interest levels of books that the student would like to find. As the student checks boxes, the selections will be applied, and matching books will be listed.

Lower Grades (LG) books are most appropriate for students in grades K-3. Middle Grades (MG) books are most appropriate for students in grades 4-8. Middle Grades Plus (MG+) books are most appropriate for grades 6 and up. Upper Grades (UG) books are most appropriate for grades 9-12.

To search by points value, the student selects Points to the left. Then, the student types the points value of books to search for. After clicking outside the blank, the student will see the matching results. In the example below, the student is searching for books worth a possible 5 points (depending on the student's score). A points search can be helpful for students who are working toward points goals.

To search by book level, the student selects either ATOS Book Level or Lexile® Measure to the left. (The book level type depends on the book level settings for the school.) Then, the student enters the minimum and maximum book level to search for. (When entering Lexile® Measures, the student must enter 0 instead of BR.) After clicking outside the blanks, the student will see the matching results. A book level search can be helpful for students who are looking for books in their Zone of Proximal Development or for students who are working toward an average book level goal.

After choosing filters, the student selects Close to close the filters and see the full list of matching books with Accelerated Reader quizzes.

All the filters that the student chose are listed under the search field.

To remove one filter, the student can select the X to the right of the filter name:

To remove all filters, the student selects Clear All.