Reading Practice Certifications Record Book

In the Reading Practice Certifications Record Book, you can set and edit reader certification goals for students, view the status of student certification goals, approve Independent Reader status, view students' achieved certifications, add certifications, edit certification records, and delete certification goals and achieved certifications.

Reader certifications are milestones that recognize students' reading achievement. For definitions of the certification levels and their requirements, click "Reader certifications" in the Related Topics.

If you set certification goals and enable the TWI Monitoring Preference, Accelerated Reader will automatically award the appropriate certifications to students as the students meet the requirements. You can also add certifications manually if you prefer to disable the TWI Monitoring Preference.

Certification goals are different from the Reading Practice goals that are set in the Reading Practice Goals Record Book.

To go to the Reading Practice Certifications Record Book, on the Record Books and Goals page, select Reading Practice Certifications.