Quiz Setup Preference

You can use the Quiz Setup Preference to specify the types of quizzes (Reading Practice, Vocabulary Practice, Literacy Skills, and Other Reading) that the students in your class are and are not allowed to take.

The Quiz Setup Preference also includes book level and interest level restrictions for the class; these restrictions determine which books students can take quizzes for. You will see the book level range and interest levels that students can take quizzes for.

You can also set individual restrictions using the Book Levels and Interest Levels preferences.

If you block students from quizzing using this preference, the quiz monitor cannot override the block even if you've enabled the Monitor Override Preference.

The Quiz Setup Preference is found under the Classroom preferences on the Preferences page. To find out how to view or change it, click one of these links:

Viewing the Classroom Quiz Setup Preference

Editing the Classroom Quiz Setup Preference