Accelerated Reader Primary Student Experience

The Accelerated Reader primary experience is a simplified Accelerated Reader design featuring more pictures to help early readers navigate and comprehend Accelerated Reader independently.

By default, students in kindergarten to third grade will use the AR Primary experience. Administrators can choose which grades use this interface by setting the Student Experience Preference. Teachers and staff can watch videos that show you what primary students and other students will see when taking quizzes or viewing their progress.

Primary students see a different results page after a quiz, and the Next button takes them to a different progress page (with a growing flower). There are also small changes in other pages. Non-primary students go back to the Reading page after viewing their results for a quiz, and they see graphs instead of a flower on the Progress page. See the examples below.

Primary Quiz Results Page

The quiz results page for primary students includes a sun and a raindrop. A smiling sun shows that the quiz was passed. The raindrop means that points have been earned. The Next button takes the student to the progress page.

Standard Quiz Results Page

This version of the results page shows the percent correct, points earned, and words read.

Primary Progress Page

In this view, if no goals are set, the sun is filled in and smiling if the student's average percent correct is 85% or higher. If a percent correct goal is set, the sun is smiling when the student's average percent correct is at or above the goal. The flower is watered by points earned by quizzes and fills in as the student gets closer to his or her points/goal for the marking period (if a points goal is set) or to 5 points (if no points goal is set). If a goal is set, the end date for the goal time period will be shown at the top of the flower. Note that if no goal is set, after every 5 points earned, the flower will start growing from the bottom again. The points earned for the goal time period or marking period are shown on the flower pot. The examples below show how this looks; your version of the software determines which of these pages your students will see.

Students can click the links to the left to see the certifications they have earned and the words they learned as shown by their Vocabulary Practice Quizzes.

Standard Progress Page

This version of the page shows the student's progress toward percent correct, points, and average book level goals as well as overall totals for books read and words read and percentages for fiction versus nonfiction reading. Your version of the software may also show additional information, such as the number of activities the student completed and passed, the student's Zone of Proximal Development, and Star scores.

Students can click the Certifications link to see the certifications they have earned. In some versions of the software, students can also choose to see the words they learned as shown by their Vocabulary Practice Quizzes.