Reading Trends and Quiz Takers Views

In addition to seeing data in reports, you can see information about your students' quiz activity in two configurable views:

  • Reading Trends: Use this view to see the top or bottom results for students' quiz ratings, number of quizzes taken, or percent correct. You can see information for multiple classes and students, for a variety of timeframes, and for fiction and/or nonfiction titles and for books and/or articles.
  • Quiz Takers: Use this view to see how students did on specific quizzes. You select the quizzes to include, one class (with all students or selected students), and the timeframe. For selected quizzes, you can see quiz and book information, students' percent correct, and points earned.

To find these views, on the Home page, select New Reports. Then, in the New Reports Navigator, you can choose the view that you want to open.

Both views report on activity for Reading Practice Quizzes and Other Reading Quizzes.

Using the Reading Trends view

Using the Quiz Takers view